Australia’s leading scientists welcome critical computer infrastructure funding

April 28, 2018
Two large radio telescopes in an arid landscape
Precursor telescopes like the South African MeerKAT and HERA, along with the Murchison Widefield Array and CSIRO’s Australian SKA Pathfinder (above) are providing scientists with invaluable knowledge to assist in the design of the SKA’s main telescopes over the coming decade. Photo: CSIRO

The Australian Academy of Science welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement to invest $70 million to upgrade two supercomputers at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

Secretary for Science Policy at the Academy, Professor David Day, said the new funding for the high performance computing facility will allow important research to continue in high priority areas of Australian science, including medical research, astronomy, agricultural science and geoscience.

“Increasingly, scientific research is generating large volumes of data, such as that coming from the Australian SKA Pathfinder—this requires sophisticated processing and analysis so researchers can derive most benefit from their work,” Professor Day said.

“Supercomputers, including this facility, are a critical piece of Australia’s economic, social and scientific infrastructure.

“The funding commitment provides more certainty for the future of Australia’s supercomputing capability, following the funding of the Pawsey’s sister facility, the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), in December last year.”

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