Basic research and long-term funding focus welcomed by Australia’s research leaders

August 17, 2017
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten with Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Kim Carr.

The National Research and Innovation Alliance welcomed Labor’s science, innovation and research agenda outlined today by the Opposition Leader, the Hon Bill Shorten MP.

The Opposition Leader laid out his vision for the sector to Australian research leaders, who have gathered at the Australian Academy of Science to discuss the future of Australian knowledge creation and its applications.

In particular the Alliance welcomed Mr Shorten’s focus on both basic and applied research, education and sustainable, long-term funding. Key policy initiatives highlighted included:

  • moving towards research expenditure of 3% of GDP by 2030
  • new four-year ‘smart visas’ for academics to enhance Australian research and provide a pathway to permanent residency for the best and brightest
  • addressing the “endless grant application” process and providing long-term funding to benefit future generations
  • positioning Australia as a leader in education, to enhance graduate outcomes and position students to become world-class researchers.

Co-convenors of the Alliance, Science & Technology Australia CEO Kylie Walker and Australian Academy of Science Chief Executive Anna-Maria Arabia, said they were heartened by the value placed on basic research by Labor.

“A strong and sustainable research sector underpins knowledge creation, policy development and innovation,” Ms Arabia said.

Kylie Walker echoed her sentiments, adding that researchers provide priceless insights to solve issues facing society.

“The National Research and Innovation Alliance represents the breadth of those working to build Australia’s knowledge economy. Working with the nation’s elected leaders, we can achieve great outcomes for Australian society,” Ms Walker said.

The National Research and Innovation Alliance brings together non-government organisations that lead research, working together to create a vibrant Australian research and innovation sector and advise decision makers on how to support the sector to advance Australia’s health and wealth.

The Alliance comprises national bodies who represent thousands of researchers and research organisations:

  • Australian Academy of Science
  • Cooperative Research Centres Association
  • Science & Technology Australia
  • Innovative Research Universities
  • Academy of Social Sciences in Australia
  • Group of Eight
  • Australian Academy of Humanities
  • Professionals Australia
  • Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering
  • Professional Scientists Australia
  • Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes
  • Regional Universities Network
  • Australian Society for Medical Research
  • Research Australia
  • Australian Technology Network.

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