Celebrating the history of women in science

September 04, 2017

The Academy has produced a special online edition of the Academy’s journal ‘Historical Records of Australian Science’ celebrating the history of women in science.

As in other national academies of science, there were no founding women Fellows in the Australian Academy of Science in 1954. Geologist and paleontologist Dorothy Hill became the first female Fellow of the Academy in 1956. The rate of fellowships began to pick up in the 1990s, and by 2000 new female Fellows were admitted every year, with the aim now for the Fellowship to reflect the diversity of senior academic appointments in Australia, and the diversity of society more broadly.

In this special online edition the Academy celebrates the history of women in science with articles previously published in the journal on notable women scientists. These articles are freely available for three months so any member of the public who is interested can access them.

The special edition was published to align with a recent national symposium hosted by SAGE—Science in Australia Gender Equity. A report on the symposium will be published soon.

More information on the special edition of Historical Records of Australian Science

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