Disruption of 2020 provides opportunities to accelerate progress on Sustainable Development Goals

March 18, 2021
Each of the Sustainable Development Goals has a series of targets.

2030 is the deadline to make the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality.

The UN goals were set in 2015 and the SDGs form the basis of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which seeks a global shift to a sustainable and resilient path that promotes prosperity and is free of poverty.

The global community is now in the Decade of Action to make the SDGs a reality. In its latest Science Policy and Diplomacy Newsletter, the Academy outlines its events, programs and initiatives that align with and support the SDGs.

Academy initiatives include STEM Women, the Rapid Research Information Forum, the Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum, Taxonomy Australia and Future Earth Australia

In the foreword to the newsletter, Academy Chief Executive Anna-Maria Arabia writes that the Academy holds these goals in high regard, and much of its work contributes to creating a sustainable and equitable world.

“Whilst 2020 was a year of disrupted progress towards achieving the SDGs, it was also a year that called attention to the importance of addressing inequalities. The science community and the world more broadly can use the opportunity that disruption to business-as-usual provides to accelerate progress towards an inclusive, sustainable and resilient 2030.”

By championing the SDGs, the Academy is representing the role of science in supporting the 2030 Agenda and for positioning Australian science, technology, engineering and mathematics as leaders in sustainable development.

Publishing the Academy’s contributions and achievements that align with the SDGs acknowledges the impact that various initiatives can have on the goals.

It is critical that organisations acknowledge their contributions to the 17 SDGs and continue to support the 2030 Agenda.

The Science Policy and Diplomacy Newsletter shares resources, updates and events that relate to science policy discussion in Australia and around the globe. It reports on the involvement of science in national and international policy and diplomacy and the Academy’s contributions to these discussions.

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