Investment in the future of Australia: a step in the right direction

April 30, 2024

The Australian Academy of Science has long supported the need for Australia and Australian governments to invest in what is important for our future.

The pursuit of designed and made in Australia is critical to building a prosperous, secure and safe country.

Academy President, Professor Chennupati Jagadish, said a future made in Australia is heavily dependent on the breadth and depth of Australian science and investment at scale.

“It is an opportunity to drive economic growth, enhance national security, and position our nation as a leader in next-generation technologies such as quantum computing.”

Professor Jagadish said any investment in quantum computing must be supported by a supercomputing national strategy. Such a strategy is critical for Australia to have access to the full spectrum of world-leading computing infrastructure domestically.

“High-performance computing and data (HPCD) and development of quantum computing are mutually dependent. HPCD is required for multiple sophisticated applications, including emulation and design of quantum computers; it will be essential for the full realisation of quantum computing.

“Additionally, as quantum applications are developed and scaled up, Australia will still require high performance computing capacity for the other functions that quantum computing will not be able to replace.

Read the Academy’s the future computing needs of the Australian science sector brief and the Academy’s submission on the proposed framework for a national quantum strategy.

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