National Women of Science Wikibomb to go off today

October 14, 2014

**UPDATE: More than a hundred pages were created yesterday, a full list can be found here.**

More than a hundred people across Australia will today create and improve the Wikipedia pages of Australian female scientists, as part of National Science Week.

The Australian Academy of Science is holding a Women of Science Wikibomb to address the fact that many accomplished women scientists have little or no presence on the world’s most popular online encyclopaedia.

Registered Wikibombers will be editing online and at a main event at the Shine Dome in Canberra from 10am today. Satellite events will also be held in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Eminent scientists including the Vice President and CEO of the UK Royal Society, the Academy’s current and immediate past presidents, and Nancy Millis Award Winner Emma Johnston will drop in to the Shine Dome through the day.

The Wikibomb precedes the ACT launch of National Science Week, which will be held at the Shine Dome tonight.

Follow the event through the Academy's Twitter account @science_academy or through #ozwomensci or #wikibomb.

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