Shaping a science system to support our national ambitions

May 06, 2024

The Australian Academy of Science is developing a 10-year plan to demonstrate how science needs to evolve to achieve our national ambitions and advance Australian interests locally and globally.

‘Australian Science, Australia’s Future: Science 2035’ will assess the capability of Australia’s science system, its ability to compete and collaborate globally, and its contribution to the nation’s economy, security, health and quality of life.

President of the Academy, Professor Chennupati Jagadish, said as a nation we have ambitions to decarbonise and diversify our economy, create a future made in Australia, strengthen our defence capabilities, and grow sovereign capability. Every one of these ambitions will need a strong, resilient and responsive science system. But is our science system structured to support our national ambitions?

“We need to ensure we have the capacity, technology, skills and knowledge to address the challenges that will shape our nation,” Professor Jagadish said.

“Australian Science, Australia’s Future: Science 2035 will equip decision makers with the evidence they need to address capability gaps and direct resources strategically so Australia can confidently put its best foot forward.”

The Academy will convene experts from within its Fellowship and across the research and innovation sectors to inform this initiative.

Sector consultations and analysis will be conducted over the course of 2024, with the Academy delivering its independent report in early 2025.

The Advisory Panel members are:

  • Professor Ian Chubb AC FAA FTSE (Chair)
  • Professor Andrew Cuthbertson AO FAA FAHMS FTSE
  • Ms Mibu Fischer
  • Dr Rod Lamberts
  • Professor Joan Leach
  • Dr Martin Parkinson AC PSM
  • Professor Philip Poronnik
  • Ms Kate Pounder
  • Professor Margaret Sheil AO FAA FTSE
  • Dr Ed Simpson
  • Mrs Fiona Simson
  • Dr Katherine Woodthorpe AO FTSE

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