Tri-nation gender equality recommendations released

July 10, 2017

A workshop convened in India late last year by the Australian, Indian and UK governments has led to the publication of cross-national recommendations for achieving gender equality in STEMM. The recommendations are designed to progress work done individually and collectively by the partner nations and recognise the diversity and inclusion benefits to all. 

Workshop attendees identified recommendations for each country to action either individually or collectively:

  1. Develop a proposal to the Indian Science Academies’ inter-academy panel to introduce an Athena SWAN framework to India
  2. Develop a strategy to leverage corporate social responsibility to support female internships across all three countries
  3. Develop a common set of messages for a digital campaign to promote women in STEMM across Australia, India, and the United Kingdom
  4. Consider developing a proposal to expand trilateral cooperation on promotion of Women in STEMM to the Commonwealth
  5. Strengthen coordination and development of and support for bespoke professional leadership programs for Women in STEMM
  6. Build an entrepreneurial support network under the STEMM professional and academic associations in India, Australia, and the United Kingdom
  7. Explore opportunities for University/Industry collaboration between India, Australia, and the United Kingdom
  8. Identify common gender STEMM regional and international data sources that provide consistent, systematic reporting of gender data and are available for the three countries.

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