World’s brain initiatives move forward together

December 12, 2017
Representatives of some of the world’s major brain research projects met recently. Attendees included (from left) Professor Andrew Holmes (host), Professor Linda Richards, Dr Caroline Montojo, Dr Christoph Ebell, Professor Rafael Yuste, Professor Shigeo Okabe, Professor Sung-Jin Jeong, Professor Hideyuki Okano and Dr James Deshler.

A meeting of representatives of some of the world’s major brain research projects, hosted by the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra, has made a declaration to establish an International Brain Initiative.

The declaration, made by representatives from Japan, Korea, Europe, the United States of America and Australia, is designed to speed up progress on ‘cracking the brain’s code’.

‘Researchers working on brain initiatives from around the world recognise that they are engaged in an effort so large and complex that even with the unprecedented efforts and resources from public and private enterprise, no single initiative will be able to tackle the challenge to better understand the brain,’ according to the declaration.

Academy President, Professor Andrew Holmes, said the announcement of an International Brain Initiative was one of the most exciting days of his presidency to date.

‘It is very pleasing to see a global commitment to stronger collaboration on brain research. Challenges of this magnitude need a global effort,’ Professor Holmes said.

The first meeting of the International Brain Initiative steering committee will be held in January 2018. Brain research initiatives from other countries and regions are also invited to join the International Brain Initiative.

Read the ‘Canberra Declaration’ to create an International Brain Initiative

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