Young Australian scientists learn from Nobel Laureates at 71st Lindau Meeting

July 21, 2022
Ten of the Australian scientists in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, in the lead-up to the Lindau meeting.

Twelve of Australia's brightest young scientists attended the 71st annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting dedicated to the discipline of chemistry from 26 June to 1 July in Germany. This event is a highly prestigious annual gathering of Nobel Laureates and emerging scientists from around the world.

Tweet from Dr Nicole Foster on June 24 “Tour of IRIS Adlershof labs at Humboldt university today with the #lindauaussies Australian delegation to Lindau. Thank you so much for the tour of the chemistry labs and speaking to us #LINO22 #science.” Four pictures of the delegates tour around Humboldt University. The first picture is of a cylindrical building, the second picture is the Humboldt university logo, the third picture is of chemistry lab equipment, and the fourth picture is of the delegates looking at chemistry equipment.

The Australian delegation was led by mathematician and Academy Fellow, Emeritus Professor Cheryl Prager. She was joined by renowned Australian quantum physicist and Academy Fellow, Emeritus Professor Hans Bachor.

Tweet from Dr Wenyue Zou on June 27 “Day 1 of #LINO22 was AMAZING!! Fantastic opening ceremony, lecture, panel discussion, and concert. Talked with Professor Joachim Frank about his Lindau experience. It’s been 8 years since my last bike ride, and I nailed it.” First picture is of Dr Wenyue Zou with Prof Joachim Frank and Ms Sanjana Prasad. The second picture is Dr Wenyue Zou on a bike in Lindau.

The group joined 600 other young scientists from all over the world. The meetings provided an opportunity for the young scientists to share their research, experiences and ideas, and gain inspiration from fellow emerging scientists and Nobel Laureates. The Nobel Laureates shaped the scientific program, and the delegates were given the opportunity to find out more about both the professional and the personal side of the Laureates. 

The Academy organised a Research Innovation Tour in Berlin the week before the Lindau meeting. The tour enabled the young researchers to visit the science museum FUTURIUM, laboratories at the Humboldt University and Technical University, and companies such as leading chemical company BASF to learn about research and industry links in Germany and network with counterpart German researchers.

The annual Lindau event is generously supported by the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF). Seven researchers were selected by the Academy to attend the event this year. They were joined by five researchers who were selected in 2020 to attend the virtual 70th Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting and were given the opportunity to participate in person at this year’s meeting.

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