Join STA’s executive committee to support over 68,000 scientists and technologists

Four executive committee positions are open for nomination at Science & Technology Australia. The available positions are:

  • Secretary (two-year term)
  • Chair of policy (two-year term)
  • Early Career Researcher (one-year term)
  • President Elect (one-year term, following which the President Elect then becomes President, for a two-year term)

The successful candidates will join Ross Smith (President 2014–15), Emma Johnston (Vice President), Peter Adams (Treasurer) and Catriona Jackson (CEO) on the STA Executive.

A candidate must be a financial member of a member society and receive the support from two other individuals who are themselves members of a member society.

Nominations are due by 5pm, 14 November 2014.

Find out more about nominating

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