Rationale for the EMCR Forum logo

EMCR logo inspirationKate Hoy, Monash University

The inspiration behind the EMCR Forum logo comes from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (‘human’) drawing. Da Vinci was a brilliant thinker across a number of areas of science including mathematics, engineering, anatomy, geology and botany. He has been often described as a forward thinker with an ‘unquenchable curiosity’ and a ‘feverishly inventive imagination’. The forum strongly identifies with the values that are epitomised by Da Vinci, namely the importance of science diversity, discovery, research and forward thinking.

The forum logo itself was developed by focusing on the bottom section of the Vitruvian Man drawing, a geometric symbol was created, rotated (an arrow can be seen pointing up and forward) and turned into solid shapes forming a stylised interpretation and representation of Da Vinci’s diagram.

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