Science Pathways 2015—Effective science communication for EMCRs

Andrew Siebel, Baker IDI, Science Pathways 2015 convenor

Professor Tanya Monro

The EMCR Forum’s national meeting, Science Pathways 2015—Effective science communication for EMCRs, will be held at the University of Adelaide's Braggs Lecture Theatre on 23-24 April 2015. The event will bring together EMCRs and senior scientists as well as representatives from industry and government.

Making science more accessible to a wider audience is essential, especially with the heavy reliance on government funding for research. Effective communication of new scientific ideas and breakthroughs to the wider community can be a real challenge for many scientists. Science Pathways 2015 will be an opportunity to learn new skills in the important area of science communication. This may also open up new career opportunities for EMCRs looking to use their research experience in a different way.

Highly respected physicist Professor Tanya Monro, who will take on the role of Deputy Vice-Chancellor research and innovation at the University of South Australia in November, will give the Chuwen Keynote Address with a focus on a transdisciplinary approach to science.

Approximately 200 delegates from around Australia and neighbouring countries are expected to attend the two-day meeting. Learn more about previous Science Pathways meetings.

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