Editor's welcome

Emma Beckett
EMCR Pathways Editor and EMCR Forum Executive Member
@synapse101 @EMCRForum

Thanks for having me Pathways readers! This is my last issue as editor as I hand over to the simply amazing Gina Ravenscroft for 2019. I hope you have all enjoyed the stories I have curated as I tried to embrace the ‘theme’ of the EMCR Forum in 2018 of diversity and inclusion. But that’s not a passing theme, it’s something we should all strive to live by every day.

Being part of the EMCR Forum Executive has taught me so much about the diverse nature of EMCRs’ jobs, lives, roles, responsibilities and values. I hope that Pathways has and will continue to do that for everyone else.

This month we have another farewell of sorts, with some parting words from our outgoing chair, Drew Evans. In the next edition you will hear from our incoming chair, Vanessa Wong. I’d also like to say ‘thanks, bye and see you around’ to our departing executive team members Carly Rosewarne, Hamish Clarke and Roisin McMahon, who return to wild this year. However, we are happy to welcome four new members to the team and invite you to read more about them. 

We go On the job with… Dr Renee Webster and learn about her work with the Australian Defence Force. Anna Figueiredo outdoes herself and makes the rest of us look like underachievers by contributing two pieces—first she tells us about the importance of soft skills training opportunities, and then she describes her personal EMCR journey as this edition’s inspiring EMCR. The Agony Aunt has some advice on industry transitions, and you can find out what the EMCR Forum Executive has been up to lately.

Remember to get in touch if you would like to contribute to any of these sections, have an EMCR group or event you would like to see featured or have a question for our agony aunt.

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