Greetings from the EMCR Forum Chair

Vanessa Wong shares exciting insights about the Forum’s activities in 2019

Vanessa Wong

EMCR Forum Chair


2019 has been a big year so far. We have delivered events, put together submissions, and continued to advocate for EMCRs on a range of issues—and we’re still thinking big, with many more plans to implement before the year is out.

This year we expanded our Executive to 12 members from the previous 10 members. This increased capacity allows us to include Executive members who are working part-time. I would like to thank those who stepped down at the end of last year.

The launch of the Decadal Plan for Women in STEM and the STEM Women database by the Australian Academy of Science is a significant achievement. It is also a catalyst for the EMCR Forum to align our activities and goals with those listed in the Decadal Plan.

This year, we will also focus on ‘Healthy Careers’. Under this umbrella, we will raise awareness of prevention and treatment options for mental health issues within the EMCR community across all career paths, including those working outside of universities. We will also engage with EMCR organisations internationally, to raise our profile globally and to learn from those organisations.

The EMCR Representative Network provides the link between local EMCRs and activities, to the national events driven by the EMCR Forum Executive. We want to expand our Network beyond universities so that we can continue the discussion on diverse careers. Importantly, this means that we can represent the diversity of careers of all EMCRs.

We have many activities and events running on a regular basis and I encourage you to engage with these. Please stay in touch with us via twitter @EMCRForum or via email at

I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to represent EMCRs in the research environment.  

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