The Australian Academy of Science’s Honorific Awards for Scientific Excellence

Each year the Australian Academy of Science recognises excellence in science across a variety of fields. Many of these honorific awards are targeted to early- and mid-career researchers.

Early career awards

for researchers no more than 10 years post-PhD in the calendar year of nomination

  • Anton Hales Medal (Earth sciences)
  • Christopher Heyde Medal (applied, computational and financial mathematics)
  • Dorothy Hill Award (Earth sciences, reef sciences, marine geology and taxonomy)
  • Fenner Medal (biology—excluding biomedical sciences)
  • Frederick White Prize (physical, terrestrial and planetary sciences)
  • Gottschalk Medal (medical sciences)
  • John Booker Medal (engineering sciences)
  • Le Fèvre Memorial Prize (chemistry)
  • Pawsey Medal (physics)
  • Ruth Stephens Gani Medal (human genetics including clinical, molecular, population and epidemiological genetics and cytogenetics)

Mid career awards

for researchers 8 to 15 years post-PhD in the calendar year of nomination

  • Gustav Nossal Medal (global health)
  • Jacques Miller Medal (experimental biomedicine)
  • Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science (any branch of the natural sciences)

The closing date for nomination is 30 April 2015.

In addition the Academy also offers Research Awards targeted to EMCRs, such as the Margaret Middleton Fund for endangered Australian native vertebrate animal award, the Thomas Davies Research Fund Award (for marine, soil and plant biology), and the Moran Award for history of science research. The closing date for nominations/applications for these awards is 15 June 2015.

Information on all the awards (including eligibility criteria and nomination/application procedures and forms) is available on the awards page of our website.

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