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Adrian Carter, EMCR Pathways Editor
Adrian Carter, EMCR Pathways Editor

It is my great pleasure to bring you the third issue of EMCR Pathways. This edition highlights current opportunities and challenges facing early- and mid-career researchers.

Professor Les Field, Australian Academy of Science Secretary for Science Policy, examines some of the important changes facing Australian science and policy in the coming years.

The EMCR Forum will hold its national meeting, Science Pathways 2015: Effective Science Communication for EMCRs this week in Adelaide. Ahead of this meeting, Chair of the Australian Academy of Science’s National Committee for History and Philosophy of Science and President of Australian Science Communicators, Associate Professor Joan Leach, describes five reasons why EMCRs should engage in Science Communication.

The Forum continues its strong engagement with issues of gender equity with an interview with Australian researcher and author of Keeping Women in Science, Kate White, by Forum Executive Committee members Maggie Hardy and Nikola Bowden.

Andrew Siebel and I also reflect on invaluable career advice given by the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O’Kane FTSE about meeting the challenges of being an EMCR.

To assist EMCRs to thrive in an increasingly competitive research environment, we announce our upcoming EMCR Pathways series, Career Pathways, where we interview a diverse range of successful researchers working in environments outside the traditional academic model, such as journalists, authors and policy advisors. Please contact us with your suggestions of careers or professionals.

And finally, it is my great pleasure to thank Camille Couralet for her enthusiasm and commitment to EMCRs as the outgoing editor of EMCR Pathways.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Adrian Carter
EMCR Pathways Editor

EMCR Pathways Issue 3

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