EMCR Pathways Issue 6

Issue 6, February 2016

The Australian Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum of the Australian Academy of Science serves as the voice of the country's future scientific and research leaders. We currently reach over 3,300 individuals and are seeking to broaden and increase our engagement with Australian EMCRs to better represent their views, needs and vision to decision-makers within the government, Members of Parliament and key funding agencies.


Editor's welcome

Welcome to the first issue of EMCR Pathways for 2016. 

Letter from the outgoing chair

Outgoing chair Sharath Sriram reflects on the Forum’s recent achievements.

Welcome to our new EMCR Forum executive members

Get to know the new members joining the Forum Executive in 2016

We asked and you told us

The results of our survey into where the Forum should focus its advocacy efforts.

Career Pathways: Meet Dr Sarah Keenihan, freelance Science writer

The first in a new series investigating career options: Sarah Keenihan tells us what is takes to be a science writer.

Winners of the EMCR Forum ‘Inspire Australia’ competition

The winners of last year’s Inspire Australia video competition give Andrew Siebel some tips on how to win this year.

Science meets parliament in South Australia

Pallave Dasari explains how Science Pathways 2015 inspired her to establish a new way for scientist in SA to engage with politicians.

Materials for 21st Century: The 2015 Theo Murphy Australian Frontiers of Science symposium

Adam Micolich gives a first hand account of his attendance at this year’s Frontiers of Science symposium

Anybody who has been seriously engaged in scientific work of any kind realises that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: Ye must have faith.
Max Planck, in 'Where Is Science Going?' (1932)

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