What have we been up to?

Sandra Gardam
Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Project Officer
Australian Academy of Science

In addition to all the hard work involved in putting together the Science Pathways conference, the EMCR Forum has been kept very busy over the last few months preparing submissions to a variety of consultations.

Representing you

You can read the EMCR Forum’s submission to the following consultations:

The Structural Review of the NHMRC’s Grant Program is now open for submissions and closes on 25 August. If you currently are funded by the NHMRC or might be in the future we encourage you to read the consultation paper and make a submission. The EMCR Forum has already given input into this process but will also write a submission on behalf of all EMCRs. Contact us if you would like to share your views.

Also recently opened for submission is the National Research Infrastructure Capability Issues Paper with submissions due 9 September. This consultation is asking how Australia should invest in research infrastructure for the future. If you have some ideas then let them know by making a submission.

Forging international links

EMCR Forum executive members Nikola Bowden and Carly Rosewarne met with a delegation of researchers from Indonesia in June, including representatives of the Indonesian National Young Academy. The meeting was supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and is part of a program that aims to promote collaborative relationships between scientists in both countries. The EMCR Forum looks forward to working with and building a strong relationship with their counterparts from the Indonesian National Young Academy.


The Academy’s annual Theo Murphy High Flyers Think Tank for EMCRs was held in Canberra in July with 60 EMCRs from around the country coming together to discuss an interdisciplinary approach to living in a risky world. The event was enjoyed by all, with a highlight being the very entertaining dinner speech in which Dr David Caldicott advised us: you are all at risk….

Keep an eye out later this month for applications opening to attend the 2016 Theo Murphy Australian Frontiers of Science Symposium. This year’s topic is ‘The microbiome—exploring the role of microorganisms in ecosystem processes and health.’

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