Australia–Indonesia Science Symposium (AISS)

presidents of indonesian young academy and emcr forum shake hands
EMCR Forum Chair, Nikola Bowden shakes hands with Professor Jamaluddin Jompa President of the Indonesian Young Academy

Nikola Bowden
Chair, EMCR Forum Executive
Australian Academy of Science

The Australia–Indonesia Science Symposium (AISS) was hosted by the Australian Academy of Science from 28 November to 1 December 2016 at the Shine Dome, Canberra. EMCR Forum Executive members Nikola Bowden, Drew Evans, Liz New and Roslyn Hickson attended the four-day meeting.

The first three days of the meeting focused on areas of science that overlap between Australia and Indonesia which were represented by three broad themes: marine science and climate change, health, and agriculture. Each area was workshopped to highlight potential collaboration topics that were of national importance to both countries. Highlights from these areas were the collaborative project aimed at reducing malaria by introducing Wolbachia-infected mosquitos, and a large long-term project to develop disease-resistant and nutritionally enhanced banana crops.

drew evans speaking at a.i.s.s
Session 2: Drew Evans speaking at AISS

Day four introduced two overarching themes that intersected across marine science and climate change, health, and agriculture. The areas were the future scientific workforce, and big data and disruptive technologies. EMCR Forum Executive member Associate Professor Drew Evans gave an engaging presentation on his career journey and advice for industry–academia engagement. Dr Liz New chaired the session on forging a career in science and EMCR Forum Chair Dr Nikola Bowden presenting the history of the EMCR Forum and our 5-year strategic plan.

The symposium gave the EMCR Forum and the Indonesian Young Academy a unique opportunity to discuss issues facing EMCRs in both countries, and initiatives to overcome common problems. Dialogue such as this highlighted the common challenges facing all EMCRs around the globe. The EMCR Forum Executive would like to thank the Australian Academy of Science and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the opportunity to attend this event.

executive EMCR Forum and indonesian young academy members
EMCR Forum executive members with executive members from the Indonesian Young Academy

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