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Dawn of the new space age—series passes

Australian researchers are at the forefront of the ‘Dawn of the new Space Age’, as we strive to discover more about our universe. Their work is contributing to the global effort to understand space and the result is some amazing science for us to share. The more we discover however, the more we realise how little we know!

This series at the Academy's Shine Dome in Canberra will bring together a collection of the top minds in space research who want to share their discoveries with you! Their work spans the exploration for extraterrestrial life, the hunt for habitable planets, what planets like Jupiter are really made of, how time works in space, how we are continuing to explore the outer reaches of our planet and how we can clean up space junk using lasers.

Series passes to see all six space talks from Australian scientists are available for purchase until the first talk ‘Gravitational waves and spacetime’ on February 7 with Professor Dean Rickles. 

Science meets Parliament (SmP)      

For 17 years, around 200 leading and emerging Australian stars of science and technology have gathered annually in Canberra for Science meets Parliament,  a two-day event that brings them together with parliamentarians, senior policy-makers and the national media.

Held by Australia’s peak body for science and technology, Science & Technology Australia (STA), and supported by the Parliamentary Friends of Science, the event is held during a parliamentary sitting week during the second half of March. It includes professional development and networking sessions, a gala dinner with MPs and Senators at Parliament House, and one-on-one meetings with parliamentarians.

Registrations for Science meets Parliament are by invitation through STA’s member organisations in November. For the chance to be a part of this unique opportunity to make your mark with Canberra’s movers and shakers, join an STA member group now, and tell your society or association that you’d like to come along.


The life expectancy of Australians has grown by 10 years since the 1970s and some believe the first person to live to 1000 has already been born, but how will this be achieved? Come along to this public talk, part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, to learn about how humans might overcome the challenges to achieve immortality. To be held at the Science Exchange in Adelaide at 6:30pm on 16 February 2017, tickets are available for purchase now.

Plastic Fantastic—Polymers in a Material World

Take a journey with the Australian Academy of Science and see how science has twisted and warped what was once the stuff of make-believe to give us the polymers and plastics that now shape our world. This public lecture series explores the use of plastics and polymer materials to build everyday products. From solar cells to shatter proof mirrors, to water purification or inherently conducting polymers equivalent to metal, plastic is propelling us into the future at an astounding pace. Book your tickets now for Melbourne on 28 February or Sydney on 2 March.

Gain digital skills for your research

The Research Bazaar is a festival promoting the digital literacy emerging at the centre of modern research. It is a free event for researchers at all career stages and will be held in Melbourne on 21-23 February. It is a chance to learn a variety of tools and skills to help you in your research via peer to peer learning and to become part of a community that collaborates to find creative solutions to tech problems in research. Register now to be selected to attend.

Science communication training courses

Science in Public offers a flexible range of training programs to help researchers understand their audiences, the essence of their story, and how to build their profile with the audiences and stakeholders that matter for their projects and for their long-term career development.

Upcoming training dates

Melbourne: Wednesday 8 February, Tuesday 2 May, Thursday 22 June
Adelaide: Wednesday 22 February, Tuesday 6 June
Sydney: Thursday 9 March, Thursday 25 May
Perth: Wednesday 15 March, Wednesday 5 July
Canberra: Wednesday 5 April

Register now via EventBrite to confirm your place. 

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