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Emma Beckett and Yee Lian Chew 
​EMCR Pathways Co-editors and EMCR Forum Executive Members
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Hello all you lovely EMCRs! If you have read EMCR Pathways before, you may remember I used to be the editor, and gave it away. Well, I’m back, and I have a new co-editor, Dr Yee Lian Chew. Yee Lian and I would both like to thank Gina Ravenscroft for her work on Pathways in 2019.

Well, this has been an interesting year already! We are sure you are all saturated with COVID-19 content right now, so for our newsletter, we are sticking to the usual! Click through for some EMCR inspiration and information, and only limited COVID-19 related content.

In this edition we welcome the newest members of the Executive, hear the experience of Dr Mary McMillan at Catalysing Gender Equity and find out what the Forum has been up to.

We go On the job with…Vanessa Vaughan, who is a lecturer of Public Health, and find out about Debbie Watson’s journey to become a scientist and group leader. There is also an article on the issues of integrity through the EMCR lens and the trusty advice from Agony Aunt for your EMCR questions.

Remember to get in touch if you would like to contribute to any of these sections, have an EMCR group or event you would like to see featured, or have a question for our Agony Aunt. 

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