EMCR Pathways issue 25—November 2021

EMCR Pathways EMCR newsletter Issue 24 July 2021

The Australian Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum of the Australian Academy of Science serves as the voice of the country's future scientific and research leaders. We currently reach over 4000 people and are seeking to broaden and increase our engagement with Australian EMCRs to better represent their views, needs and vision to decision-makers within the government, members of parliament and key funding agencies.


Editors’ welcome

Welcome to our November newsletter. Like many of you, we’re wondering how it can already be November?

A sustainable career: What does that actually mean?

We’re throwing around the term ‘sustainable careers’ a lot lately, but what does it mean and how can you build one?

Work with a purpose: bringing science into the public service

James McCoy shares his journey from the lab bench to a role in science policy and what he’s learnt about transferable skills along the way.

Stories from the sector: CERC Fellowship program

Dr Katie Hillyer tells us about her experience as a CSIRO Early Research Career Postdoctoral Fellow and shares insights on how the program has furthered her research career.

Inspiring EMCRs: Dr Alyce Mayfosh

Do I stay in academia, or do I go? This is a question Alyce Mayfosh has tackled recently, and she shares with us her career decision-making journey.

Industry Mentoring Network in STEM

We take a deep dive into the IMNIS program and learn more about collaborating with industry.

On the job with … Dr Kaya Klop-Toker

We go on the job with Dr Kaya Klop-Toker, an amphibian conservation biologist working with the University of Newcastle’s Conservation Science Research Group.

Meet the Women’s Research Engineers Network (WREN)

Learn more about WREN and their work in the area of gender equality.

EMCR perspectives – The future of meetings: ready player you?

Dr Vanessa Moss reflects on the way that technology is changing the way we connect and collaborate across the globe – perhaps for the better.

EMCR Agony Aunt

Looking for rock-solid, ironclad, foolproof, childproof, futureproof and proof-proof advice? Ask the EMCR Agony Aunt.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

Marie Curie, 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

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