Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture


Nominations will open for the 2019 Matthew Flinders Medal in early 2018. Nominations are by Academy Fellows only.


Matthew Flinders Medal

The Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture recognises scientific research of the highest standing in the physical sciences, and honours the contributions of Australia's early scientific researchers. Nominations for this award are invited from Academy Fellows only.


Nominations should be in the form of a letter addressed to the Chair of the Selection Committee and be of no more than 2 pages in length. Nominations should outline reasons for the nomination and contain a short citation. It should clearly state both the candidate’s achievements (discoveries and their applications) and the implications and impact of their work. Candidates may be non Fellows.

A short curriculum vitae of approximately 6 pages and a list of the candidate's 20 most important publications should also be attached. The curriculum vitae should contain evidence of international standing, awards and grants, and public speaking.

The Australian Academy of Science encourages nominations of female candidates and of candidates from a broad geographical distribution.

An electronic copy sent by email is preferred. Receipt of the nomination will be acknowledged.

Send to:
Australian Academy of Science
GPO Box 783, Canberra ACT 2601

If you need more information, please contact the Awards Officer, at or phone +61 (0)2 6201 9407.

NB: To be eligible for nomination an appropriate period of time should elapse following the receipt of any other Academy award.


  • 2017—B Ninham
  • 2015—K.Lambeck
  • 2013—K .Freeman
  • 2011—B.Kennett
  • 2009—B.H.J. McKellar
  • 2007—P.G. Hall
  • 2005—R.D. Ekers
  • 2002—A. McL. Sargeson
  • 2000—D.V. Boger
  • 1998—W. Compston
  • 1996—W.R. Blevin
  • 1994—N.S. Hush
  • 1992—B.D.O. Anderson
  • 1990—J.S. Turner
  • 1988—R.D. Brown
  • 1986—J.N. Israelachvili
  • 1984—B.H. Neumann
  • 1982—R. Hanbury Brown
  • 1980—A. Walsh
  • 1978—A.E. Ringwood
  • 1976—C.H.B. Priestley
  • 1974—J.P. Wild
  • 1972—A.J. Birch
  • 1969—K.E. Bullen
  • 1967—F.J. Fenner
  • 1965—J.S. Anderson
  • 1963—J.C. Eccles
  • 1961—M.L. Oliphant
  • 1959—F.M. Burnet
  • 1957—J.L. Pawsey

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