3rd HOPE meeting, Tokyo, 2011

Date and venue: March 7 - March 11, 2011 (Tokyo, Japan)

Subject field: Physics (and related fields)

Lecturers: Dr Leo ESAKI (physics, 1973), Dr David J.GROSS (physics, 2004), Dr Makoto KOBAYASHI (physics, 2008), Dr Toshihide MASKAWA (physics, 2008), Dr Richard R.ERNST (chemistry, 1991), Dr Ryoji NOYORI (chemistry, 2001), Dr Hideki SHIRAKAWA (chemistry, 2000), Mr Koichi TANAKA (chemistry, 2002), Dr Ada E. YONATH (chemistry, 2009) and other distinguished researchers.

Participants: 99 PhD students and young scientists from the 14 countries/areas in the Asia-pacific region: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea (ROK), Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Vietnam

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