5th HOPE meeting, Tokyo, 2013

Date and venue: February 26 - March 2, 2013 (Tokyo, Japan)

Subject fields: Life sciences (and related fields)

Lecturers: Dr Susumu TONEGAWA (physiology or medicine, 1987), Dr Mario Renato CAPECCHI (physiology or medicine, 2007), Dr Hideki SHIRAKAWA (chemistry, 2000), Dr Ryoji NOYORI (chemistry, 2001), Dr Aharon Jehuda CIECHANOVER (chemistry, 2004), Dr Leo ESAKI (physics, 1973), Dr Makoto KOBAYASHI (physics, 2008) and other distinguished researchers.

Participants: 98 PhD students and young scientists from the 16 countries/areas in the Asia-pacific and Africa region: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea (ROK), Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and Thailand

Australian participants:

  • Helena Baird, University of Tasmania
  • Vipul Bansal, RMIT University
  • Brian Drew, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute
  • Damian Drew, The University of Adelaide
  • Simone Peters, Monash University
  • Emily Wong, The University of Queensland

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