Hannan Medal and Lecture


The call for nominations is currently closed

The 2025 awards will be open in early 2024.

Award background and eligibility

The Hannan Medal is a career award that recognises outstanding research in any of the fields of statistical science, pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computational mathematics and is made in one of those three areas in turn at two-yearly intervals. It honours the contribution to time series analysis of the late Professor E J Hannan, FAA, Professor of Statistics at the Research School of Social Sciences of the Australian National University.

The 2025 Hannan Medal is in statistical science.

The 2027 Hannan Medal is in pure mathematics.

The 2029 Hannan Medal is in applied mathematics and computational mathematics.

The award is made for research carried out mainly in Australia. Work carried out through a candidate’s entire career is taken into consideration but special weight is given to recent research. 

This award is open to nominations for candidates from all genders. The Australian Academy of Science encourages nominations of female candidates and of candidates from a broad geographical distribution.

Career awards recognise achievement over a career of whatever length.

Candidates may be put forward for more than one award. If a proposed candidate is already the recipient of an Academy award, the second award must be for a distinct, additional, body of work undertaken since the first award, and/or work in a different field.


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