Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture


The call for nominations is currently closed

The 2025 awards will be open in early 2024

Award background and eligibility

The Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture is a career award that recognises scientific research of the highest standing in the physical sciences, and honours the contributions of Australia's early scientific researchers. Along with the Macfarlane Burnet and Ruby Payne-Scott Medals, it is one of the most prestigious career awards of the Academy.

Nominated candidates should normally be resident in Australia.

Candidates and nominators may be non Fellows.

As a Premier Award, this award is one of the Academy’s most prestigious awards recognising researchers of the highest standing over a career of whatever length.

This award is open to nominations for candidates from all genders. The Australian Academy of Science encourages nominations of female candidates and of candidates from a broad geographical distribution.

Referee reports are not required as part of the nomination process for this award.

To be eligible for nomination an appropriate period of time should elapse following the receipt of any other Academy award.


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