Mawson Medal and Lecture

The call for nominations is currently closed

The 2022 nomnation round is now closed.


Award background and eligibility

The Mawson Medal and Lecture recognises outstanding contributions to earth science in Australia and commemorates the work of the late Sir Douglas Mawson OBE FAA FRS, geologist and Antarctic explorer. The award is made to a scientist normally resident in Australia and whose work has relevance to Australia.

From the 2022 award round the Medal and a lecture will be presented at a dinner in the Awardees State capital. The lecture is also delivered at the time of each convention of the Geological Society of Australia.

Candidates may be put forward for more than one award. If a proposed candidate is already the recipient of an Academy award, the second award must be for a distinct, additional, body of work undertaken since the first award, and/or work in a different field.

The Australian Academy of Science encourages nominations of female candidates and of candidates from a broad geographical distribution.

The medal is made by The Royal Australian Mint, Canberra and was designed by Dr Stuart Devlin AO CMG.


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