Sustainable Australian Cities and Communities

An effective and integrated knowledge cycle is essential to underpinning decisions that will achieve sustainable Australian cities and communities.
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Australian cities and communities are facing a massive period of transformation and opportunity. The trajectory of these cities and communities will have a huge impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. To ensure that this impact is positive, it is essential that relevant knowledge is co-produced and harnessed to inform the decisions impacting on urban transformation.

In March 2018, Future Earth Australia adopted ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ as a priority focus area. On 25 May 2018, cross-disciplinary researchers from across Australia were brought together by FEA to begin envisioning how knowledge could support Australia’s transformation to sustainable urban systems.

A key outcome of the symposium was the consensus that FEA lead a nationwide process of engaging stakeholders from research, policy, practice and the community. This consultative process will develop a strategic approach to improving the knowledge cycle underpinning the sustainable development of Australia’s cities and communities over the coming decades.

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Outcomes Papers

Outcomes papers from our nationwide process will be uploaded here:

Greater Sydney Region

Greater Western Sydney

South East Queensland

ACT Region




Alice Springs


Key Resources

Download Knowledge for Australian cities and communities fact sheet PDF, 889KB

Sustainable urban systems: Co-design and framing for transformation

For more information on our Sustainable Australian Cities and Communities project, please contact the project lead, Dr Tayanah O’Donnell.

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