InterAcademy Partnership (IAP)

Under the umbrella of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), more than 140 national, regional and global member academies work together to support the vital role of science in seeking evidence-based solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. In particular, IAP harnesses the expertise of the world’s scientific, medical and engineering leaders to advance sound policies, improve public health, promote excellence in science education, and achieve other critical development goals.
IAP’s four regional networks—AASSA, EASAC, IANAS, and NASAC—are responsible for managing and implementing many IAP-funded projects and help make IAP’s work relevant around the world. Find out more about IAP and follow @IAPartnership on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
IAP has produced statements on issues of fundamental importance to humanity and published reports that provide scientific advice on critical issues that confront society. IAP has also supported projects that focus on building scientific and technological capacity worldwide. The Academy is an active member of IAP and has endorsed or contributed to several statements, reports and projects produced by IAP.

IAP statements endorsed by the Academy

July 2021: IAP Statement on Regenerative Medicine
June 2021: IAP Statement on Protection of Marine Environments
April 2019: A call for action to declare trauma as a disease 
July 2018: IAP S20 Statement on Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture
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IAP reports with Academy’s contribution

May 2019: Improving Scientific Input to Global Policymaking with a Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
November 2018: Opportunities for future research and innovation on food and nutrition security and agriculture: The InterAcademy Partnership's global perspective
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IAP projects with Academy’s contribution

Improving Scientific Input to Global Policymaking: Strategies for Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals – Academy Fellow, Prof Michael Barber FAA, was a member of the working group that produced this report.
Harnessing Science, Engineering, and Medicine to Address Africa’s Challenges – Academy Fellow, Dr TJ Higgins FAA, was a member of the working group that produced this report.
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IAP news stories

Academy supports IAP communiqué on global green recovery after COVID-19
Academy supports IAP communiqué on COVID-19

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