National Committee for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation

The National Committee for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (NCEEC) fosters ecology, evolution, and conservation sciences in Australia and serves as a link between Australian and overseas scientists.

The committee is currently developing a discussion paper on the powerful emerging field of evolutionary science. The paper examines the great multidisciplinary potential for evolutionary science to be used in broad societal applications. The paper will be published in the second half of 2022. For information on the paper, contact the Academy at


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Reports and activities

The Academy and the NCEEC have endorsed the following publications.


  • Chair: Professor Alan Andersen FAA
    • Charles Darwin University, University Professorial Fellow
    • Research expertise: Ant ecology, invertebrate bio-indicators, fire ecology and management, ecology and management of tropical savannas, biogeography
  • Committee member: Dr Margaret Byrne
    • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions, Science and Conservation Division.
    • Research expertise: Population and conservation genetics of plants, phylogenetics, phylogeography and evolutionary patterns in the Australian flora Pollen dispersal genetics, climate adaptation strategies.
  • Committee member: Dr Zoe Doubleday
    • University of South Australia, Future Industries Institute
    • Research expertise: Marine science, ecology, fisheries, science communication
  • Committee member: Dr Rachel Przeslawski
    • Department of Primary Industries (NSW) Fisheries, Marine Ecologist
    • Research expertise: Spatiotemporal biodiversity patterns, resource management, impacts of anthropogenic stressors
  • Committee member: Professor Phil Hugenholtz FAA
    • The University of Queensland, UQ Laureate Fellow, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
    • Research expertise: Metagenomics, microbial diversity and evolution
  • Committee member: Professor Carla Sgro
    • Monash University, School of Biological Sciences
    • Research expertise: Evolution in response to climate change, managing biodiversity under climate change
  • Committee member: Professor Stephen van Leeuwen
    • Curtin University, BHP/Curtin Indigenous Professor in Biodiversity & Environmental Science
    • Research expertise: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Knowledge, biogeography, phylogeography
  • Committee member: Professor Martine Maron
    • The University of Queensland, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Research expertise: Conserving biodiversity
  • Committee member: Dr Caragh Threlfall
    • The University of Sydney, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Fellow
    • Research expertise: Trait-based urban ecology, ecology of species in novel ecosystems
  • Committee member: Professor Stuart Bunn
    • Griffith University, Director of the Australian Rivers Institute
    • Research expertise: Freshwater ecology, environmental management
  • Committee member: Emeritus Professor Helene Marsh
    • James Cook University, Environmental Science and a Professorial Fellow
    • Research expertise: Marine conservation biology, marine natural resource management, and Indigenous marine resource management

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