National Committee for Materials Science and Engineering

The National Committee for Materials Science and Engineering (NCMSE) fosters interdisciplinary materials science and engineering in Australia, links the Academy to Australian materials scientists and engineers, including the relevant institutions and scientific societies, and links Australian and overseas materials scientists, primarily through the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS).

The NCMSE actively promotes networking and engagement in the materials science community, which is vital for this highly interdisciplinary scientific discipline. Through the Australian Materials Research Society (AMRS), which acts as an umbrella organisation with links to many Australian scientific societies, the NCMSE will encourage discipline-wide communications among materials scientists and institutions, with a particular focus on early- and mid-career materials research scientists.


Related groups and organisations

The NCMSE supports the following Australian organisations and societies.

Reports and activities


  • Chair: Professor Lianzhou Wang
    • The University of Queensland, Australian Research Council Australian Laureate Fellow, Director of Nanomaterials Centre (Nanomac), School of Chemical Engineering and Australian Institute for Bioengieering and Nanotechnology
    • Research expertise: Functional Nanomaterials, Clean Energy Technologies
  • Deputy Chair: Professor Lan Fu
    • Australian National University, Head of department, Electronic Materials Engineering
    • Research expertise: design, fabrication and integration of optoelectronic devices
  • Observer: Professor Joanne Etheridge FAA
    • Monash University, Director, Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy, and Director, Victorian Node of Microscopy Australia
    • Research expertise: Electron microscopy and diffraction, diffraction physics, electron scattering theory
  • Committee member: Emeritus Professor Hans Bachor FAA
    • Australian National University, Independent consultant in physics, science communication and science education
    • Research expertise: Optics, laser physics, the quantum nature of light
  • Committee member: Professor Madhu Bhaskaran
    • RMIT University, STEM School of Engineering
    • Research expertise: Thin films, microfabrication, two-dimensional materials
  • Committee member: Professor Drew Evans
    • University of South Australia, Future Industries Institute,
    • Research expertise: Thin film coatings for commercial applications
  • Committee member: Professor Bronwyn Fox
    • Swinburne University of Technology, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)
    • Research expertise: Materials engineering
  • Committee member: Professor Anita Ho-Baillie
    • The University of Sydney, John Hooke Chair of Nanoscience, Sydney Nanoscience Hub
    • Research expertise: Solar cell materials, solar cell manufacturing and applications, optoelectronic devices, hybrid, and composite materials
  • Committee member: Professor Francesca Iacopi
    • University of Technology Sydney, School of Electrical and Data Engineering
    • Research expertise: Materials and nano-electronics
  • Committee member: Professor Nagarajan Valanoor
    • The University of New South Wales, School of Materials Science and Engineering
    • Research expertise: Ferroics
  • Committee member: Professor Jim Williams FAA
    • Australian National University, Director of the ANU Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering
    • Research expertise: Nanotechnology
  • Committee member: Dr Andrew Peele
    • ANSTO, Group Executive Nuclear Science and Technology and Director Australian Synchrotron
    • Research expertise: National research priorities including health and the use of nuclear medicines, environment, and the use of nuclear technologies and materials
  • Industry representative: Dr Petar Atanackovic
    • University of Adelaide, School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials
    • Research expertise: Engineering and technology
  • EMCR representative: Dr Nisa Valiyaveettil Salim
    • Swinburne University, VC Initiative Senior Research Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Product Design Engineering
    • Research expertise: Composite and hybrid materials, aerospace, automotive engineering
  • EMCR representative: Dr. Matthew Hales
    • Aurecon, Technical Director, Materials and Durability SME
    • Research expertise: Forensic chemical analysis of material failures, civil, water and wastewater infrastructure condition assessments

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