National Committee for Mathematical Sciences

The National Committee for Mathematical Sciences (NCMS) aims to foster mathematical sciences in Australia, to link the Academy to Australian mathematical scientists and relevant societies, and to serve as a link between Australian and overseas mathematical scientists, for example through the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI).

In March 2016, the NC Maths launched its decadal plan for the mathematical sciences, The mathematical sciences in Australia: A vision for 2025, It now works with the Australian maths community to implement the report’s recommendations.

In December 2022 the committee released the mid-term review of the 2016 decadal plan.


Statement on Mathematics Education

In February 2022 the Academy published a statement regarding proposed revisions to the Australian Curriculum for Mathematics.


Reports and activities

Related groups and organisations


  • Chair: Professor Adrian Baddeley
    • Curtin University, Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Research expertise: Statistical science, developing new methodology for spatial data and image data, and implementing the methodology in open-source software.
  • Ex Officio Member: Professor Katie Makar
    • University of Queensland, Professor in Mathematics and Statistics Education, President of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA)
    • Research expertise: Mathematics and statistics education
  • Ex Officio Member: Professor Jan de Gier
    • The University of Melbourne, Director at MATRIX, AustMS Council Member.
    • Research expertise: Mathematical physics, statistical mechanics, combinatorics, integrable models, stochastic processes.
  • Committee member: Mr John Bament
    • O’Loughlin Catholic College, Head of STEM
    • Research expertise: Mathematics
  • Committee member: Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen
    • Queensland University of Technology, School of Mathematical Sciences
    • Research expertise: Novel statistical and computational methods
  • Ex Officio Member: Professor Ole Warnaar
    • The University of Queensland, Chair and Professor of Pure Maths Mathematics
    • Research expertise: Algebra and number theory, Combinatorics, and Pure mathematics
  • Committee member: Professor Serena Dipierro
    • The University of Western Australia, School of Physics, Maths and Computing
    • Research expertise: Partial differential equations, free boundary problems, nonlocal equations, calculus of variations, nonlinear analysis
  • Ex Officio Member: Jessica Purcell
    • Monash University, School of Mathematics
    • Research expertise: Geometry and topology
  • Ex Officio Member: Professor Jennifer Flegg
    • University of Melbourne, School of Mathematics and Statistics, President, Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group
    • Research expertise: Applied mathematics and mathematical biology
  • Committee member: Professor Gary Froyland
    • UNSW Sydney, School of Mathematics and Statistics
    • Research expertise: interplay of probability and geometry in nonlinear and chaotic dynamical systems
  • Committee member: Professor Kim Beswick
    • UNSW Sydney, Head of the School of Education, and Professor of Mathematics Education
    • Research expertise: how professional learning can provide a catalyst for change
  • Committee member: Dr Allan Dougan
    • Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, Chief Executive Officer
    • Research expertise: Mathematics teaching and learning
  • Committee member: Professor Nalini Joshi
    • University of Sydney, Chair of Applied Mathematics
    • Research expertise: the distribution of large prime numbers; collisions of atomic particles; aircraft boarding times; bus arrival times; the New York subway system;

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