Michael Raupach: a celebration of his life and science

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On Monday the 9th of February, a special public lecture was held at the Shine Dome in memory of the life and science of the late Michael Raupach FAA. He was one of the nation’s foremost climate researchers, focusing on interactions between the climate, the carbon cycle and humans. Crucially, he excelled in communicating with the broader Australian and international community.

The lecture was attended by over 150 people, and consisted of a series of talks covering Michael’s work from his early days as a PhD student, all the way to looking forward at the directions Michael’s work would’ve taken and how it has impacted current research. Topics discussed in the talks included Michael’s work on the Global Carbon Project and his various roles advising on the scientific basis of climate change. Speakers were all former colleagues or collaborators, and included John Finnigan, Cathy Trudinger, Vanessa Haverd, Pep Canadell and Penny Sackett.

This public lecture was a joint initiative of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society and the Australian Academy of Science.

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