Tackling regional challenges through international scientific collaboration

June 17, 2021
Dr Sarah Hamylton (project manager, centre) and Dr Nurjannah Nurdin (left), working on their RCP round 1 project, ‘Developing institutional capacity for regional monitoring of coastal climate change impacts through remote sensing technologies’.

International collaboration drives Australia’s scientific output, providing researchers with greater access to the world’s knowledge, expertise, technology, infrastructure and capital.

Dr Jin Han, an early-career researcher from the Black Dog Institute, will use her RCP Digital Grant to deliver an online mental health course to help international students develop effective stress coping strategies and psychological resilience post COVID-19.

The Regional Collaborations Programme (RCP), launched in 2016 as part of the Australian Government’s Global Innovation Strategy, supports Australian researchers and businesses to build strong linkages in the Asia-Pacific region by funding multi-partner science, research and innovation activities that deliver innovative solutions to shared regional challenges.

Working closely with the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, the Australian Academy of Science draws on its network of Fellows, its national profile and its international reputation to deliver several Australian Government-funded science programs and initiatives to support international collaboration.

The Academy has delivered two rounds of the RCP, funding 14 projects and five workshops. To date, two projects and workshops have been completed, and Australian researchers have engaged with partners from 32 economies.

The RCP was designed to be flexible, and in response to COVID-19, the Department worked with the Academy to develop a suite of projects to address the global challenge of the pandemic:

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