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Support women in science: Become a STEM Women partner

The Academy invites supporters of diversity and inclusion in STEM to partner with the Academy to continue and progress STEM Women.

STEM Women is an online database and community of over 3000 women from a diverse range of STEM fields and backgrounds. An easily searchable website, STEM Women increases the visibility of women in STEM and connects them with a range of career and development opportunities including but not limited to speaking opportunities, mentoring roles, board roles and networks.

STEM Women is independently managed and maintained by the Academy, but support is needed to ensure we can continue the project. We also actively work to bring the STEM Women community together through a range of engaging activities.

To grow STEM Women and the opportunities available to them, we want to continue to work with industry, government and academia. This work will only be possible through the support of STEM Women partners and contributors.

Partnering with the Academy in support of STEM Women demonstrates a major commitment to gender equity in STEM.

Only by working together, can we address the barriers faced by women in STEM. STEM Women has emerged as a key tool that supports women and builds the STEM workforce needed for a strong and innovative Australia.

STEM Women’s track record of success

Attracting Australian women and girls to STEM careers and providing an environment for them to thrive and progress is a shared responsibility of the STEM sector. Doing so is critical to drive excellence, strengthening the STEM pipeline and talent pool, and driving economic growth and global competitiveness. As part of a broad-ranging program to support women in STEM, the Academy launched STEM Women in 2019 with the support of the Australian Government and in collaboration with Science & Technology Australia, CSIRO and the Australian Science Media Centre. Since then:

  • The community has expanded from 100 to over 3000 profiles, and growing
  • The site has been searched over 30,000 times
  • Hundreds of active connections have been made

The value of partnering with STEM Women

Partners will enable the Academy to resource, build and manage the expansion of this project. As more financial support is generated, the Academy will be further enabled to actively promote women in STEM and STEM Women through its global digital network of over 2.4 million social media followers. We will do this by sharing digital stories and curating hybrid events that foster learning and create opportunities to network.

We welcome conversations with any organisation that would like to partner with us to maintain and grow STEM Women, and explore ways we can work together to progress our shared goals that support gender equity in STEM.

To find out more, please email the Diversity and inclusion team. today.

We also welcome support for STEM Women from individuals, who can donate directly to our diversity and inclusion work.


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Support women in science

Partnering with the Academy in support of STEM Women demonstrates a major commitment to gender diversity in STEM.

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