Academy launches its Awards Fundraising Appeal for Christmas 2017

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A message from President Andrew Holmes as the Academy launches its Christmas 2017 Awards Fundraising Appeal

Academy President Professor Andrew Holmes.

Central to the purpose of the Academy is the recognition and support of outstanding contributions to the advancement of science. The honorific awards were established to recognise distinguished research in three categories: awards of medals and prizes are made to early-career scientists up to 10 years post PhD, mid-career scientists 8 to 15 years post PhD, and the prestigious career awards which are made to scientists for life-long achievement.

It’s virtually impossible to imagine a world without science and without scientists striving every single day to understand the world around them. I often reflect on the collective impact on the world made by the Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science and remain quite awestruck at the difference their work has made to our wellbeing, our economy and our environment. The world simply would not be as we know it today in the absence of their contribution.

Equally, it is hard to imagine where the Australian Academy of Science would be without the generosity and philanthropic support of many individuals and organisations.

All of us share a desire for science and scientists to prosper and for future generations to benefit from discovery and to be empowered by knowledge. Yet each person has a unique reason for supporting the Australian Academy of Science.

I invite you today to support the Australian Academy of Science through our Christmas 2017 Awards Fundraising Appeal so that together we can continue to build a strong and vibrant future for science in Australia.

The Christmas 2017 Awards Fundraising Appeal offers you the chance to support the Academy of Science through donations that are fully tax deductible.

Should you wish to discuss ways in which you can support the Australian Academy of Science and how you would like your support directed, please contact Ms Isobel Griffith, Manager Development and Stewardship on (02) 6201 9400.

Your support is deeply appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Professor Andrew Holmes AC PresAA FRS FTSE

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