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The Australian Academy of Science has a proud history of helping you to support Australian science to flourish

Since the Academy was established in 1954, private gifts and bequests have enabled the Academy to recognise and grow Australia’s scientific excellence. We’ve created world-class education programs which are now ingrained in schools across Australia; we’ve recognised outstanding scientists for their contributions to the sum of human knowledge; we’ve engaged hundreds of thousands of Australians in conversations about science; and we’ve given generations of scientists opportunities to travel in the pursuit of knowledge and collaborations that have changed the world.

Your gift will enable us continue to nurture minds and expand horizons. We invite you to join our distinguished group of donors, and help ensure a vibrant future for science in Australia.


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Each time you make a gift through our annual appeal, you help the Academy make science a vital, viable and visible presence in Australia. Each tax-deductible donation is greatly valued and can make a considerable impact.

  • $100 promotes our public events, inspiring larger audiences with the wonder and possibilities of science
  • $500 supports a Fellow to speak with parliamentarians
  • $1,500 supports our Nova staff to create a new topic featuring Australian science
  • $2,000 supports a teacher from a rural, remote or disadvantaged school to attend special science teaching training opportunities
  • $2,500 allows a promising Early to Mid- Career Researcher to attend our major annual meeting, Science at the Shine Dome, and meet the best Australian scientists
  • $4,000 enables a National Committee for Science to consult with scientists, industry and the community and plan for Australia’s future
  • $5,000 helps support prestigious medals to recognise the work of outstanding Australian scientists
  • $6,000 assists a talented young researcher to travel overseas, meet new mentors, and further their career

  • 1954

    Academy founded

    The Australian Academy of Science was established by Australian Fellows of the Royal Society of London.

  • 1954

    First National Committees for Science established

    The National Committees for Science were established to give each discipline – from chemistry to ecology – a voice in Australian science. Today the National Committees foster their discipline in Australia and serve as a link between Australian and international scientists.

  • 1955

    Academy holds first national scientific conference

    The Academy held its first national symposium on oceanography. Today we continue to coordinate conferences, public events and symposia on everything from climate change to HIV AIDS, helping scientific communication and collaboration to flourish.

  • 1957

    National science awards program established

    The Academy awarded the first Matthew Flinders medal and lecture to founding Fellow JL Pawsey for his work establishing radio physics in Australia. This Medal is now one of 26 honorific awards that recognise outstanding scientists.

  • 1959

    Shine Dome building completed

    The iconic Shine Dome is a Heritage-listed national landmark and the Academy’s home.

  • 1964

    ABC Science Unit established

    The Academy worked with the national broadcaster to ensure science would always have a place on the airwaves.

  • 1965

    Australian Research Grants Committee established

    The Academy worked with the Commonwealth Government to establish and oversee this national research funding body. The ARGC has since evolved to become the Australian Research Council.

  • 1967

    Academy enters school education

    Recognising that high school science needed reinvigoration, the Academy developed the much loved The Web of Life, which revolutionised biology education by pairing strong course material with training for teachers. The Academy’s three inquiry-based school education programs are still supporting teachers and inspiring students across the country.

  • 1978

    First international science exchange

    The Academy partnered with its Chinese counterpart to host its first ever international science exchange. Today, our international programs are still providing opportunities for scientists around the world to build links and share knowledge.

  • 1985

    Science and Technology Australia (STA) established

    The Academy initiated the establishment of the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS) – now Science & Technology Australia – to advocate the values and benefits of science to government and industry. STA remains a strong national independent voice for science.

  • 1997

    First Australian science explainer website: Nova

    The Academy’s Nova was one of the first Australian websites to explain the latest scientific knowledge to anyone who was interested. In 2015 it was reinvigorated, thanks to a philanthropic donation, and now has a strong and growing international audience.

  • 2015

    Academy launches SAGE to address loss of women in science

    Only one-fifth of senior science positions are held by women. The Academy created the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) initiative – in partnership with the Academy of Technology and Engineering – to address the loss of women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine.

  • 2016

    2016 and beyond…

    Your donation will enable us to continue innovating and working towards Australian scientific excellence.

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