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April 30, 2020
‘Friends or foes’ is one of the Primary Connections resources on the Scootle playlists

The impact of COVID-19 on Australian schools and schooling is significant. The Academy is offering support, advice and resources to systems, schools and teachers as they provide alternative methods of delivering education to students at home.

Our Australian Curriculum linked Foundation to Year 10 science and mathematics education programs are available online and remain free of charge.

As the education programs are generally developed for school-based settings, we are working to customise resources for the current circumstances. To ensure these resources are useful, practical and connected to what’s happening in schools across the country, this customisation is done in consultation with teachers, state and territory education departments, as well as national agencies such as Education Services Australia and the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.

Support for teachers remains a central focus of the Academy’s programs. Customisation and adaptation is being undertaken sensitively and sensibly to suit COVID-19 environments which, during physical distancing, can be limited to a place of residence of students and their contact with a small number of people.

Primary Connections

Primary Connections is developing learning and teaching resources suitable for use under the current circumstances. In developing resources, we aim to:

  • give teachers flexibility and agency with resources to most appropriately deliver at-home learning for different contexts and student needs
  • equip teachers to support parents and carers to implement learning at home
  • link science with literacy, be guided by education research, incorporate collaborative learning principles, and include opportunities for investigating and embedded assessment
  • encourage curiosity, build an awareness of science in our everyday world, and develop scientific literacy.

Resources currently include Scootle playlists and Science for families: mini explorations.

New resources will be added each week. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about the newest resources available.

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reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry

reSolve is working with the New South Wales Department of Education to support online mathematics learning, both via teachers and direct to students. We will be providing additional resources to supplement our existing sequences, including printable student workbooks, instructional and demonstrative videos, and advice for adapting to home learning.

reSolve is also developing student investigations for self-directed student learning.

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Science by Doing

Science by Doing as a resource is ready to go for distance education! We are drawing on examples from those who already use the program in distance education and home-schooling environments to develop advice and inspiration for other users.

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Advice for parents and carers

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