From giant bees and black holes to unboiling eggs and jellyfish stings

April 30, 2019

The Academy’s audience on social media continues to grow, attracted by engaging videos, compelling articles and eye-catching images.

Here are some recent highlights of fantastic science content.

The rediscovery of the world’s biggest bee, Megachile pluto, took the internet by storm. The Academy’s video was embedded on the Guinness World Records website and reached media as far afield as Brazil, Hungary and the USA.

To capture the first-ever image of a black hole, astronomers around the world joined forces to create a telescope as large as Earth. The Academy was one of the first to report on this exciting announcement.

Never mind breakfast, the science behind unboiling an egg has some surprising applications in technology.

The Academy’s science writers tackled the laser-sharp physics behind the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics and taught us all about jellyfish stings.

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