Fellows in the news

From left: Robyn Williams, Michelle Simmons, Max Day and Ingrid Scheffer

David Cooper is helping to lead a landmark trial of HIV prevention drugs in New South Wales.

Want to learn more about 3D bioprinting and what it means for health care? Gordon Wallace has developed a free online course: ‘Bioprinting: 3D printing body parts’. He will speak about his work at the Academy’s Annual Symposium.

A federal election seat in the ACT has been renamed after Academy Fellow and renowned virologist, the late Frank Fenner.

In December, eight Fellows were listed in Knowledge Nation 100: Professors Nalini Joshi, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Martin Green, Gordon Wallace, Ian Frazer, Les Field and Tanya Monro, and Ms Catherine Livingstone. The list, published in The Australian newspaper, acknowledges scientists, researchers and industry experts contributing to Australia’s future economy.

Robyn Williams celebrated 40 years on ABC’s Radio National.

Immunologists Jamie Rossjohn and Jim McCluskey won the GSK award for research excellence worth $80,000.

Martin Asplund and a team at the Australian National University discovered the oldest stars ever seen in the universe.

Perry Bartlett embarked on a new trial to test whether exercise can help dementia patients

Michelle Simmons, Nalini Joshi and Brian Schmidt were named in the 30 Most Influential in 2016 list, published in The Australian newspaper’s Higher Education Supplement.

Catherine Livingstone was appointed Chancellor of the University of Technology, Sydney.

December’s National Innovation and Science Statement was big news, including for Michelle Simmons whose quantum computing program received $26 million of government funding.

Turning 100, Max Day was celebrated as Australia’s oldest scientist. Listen to The Science Show’s special feature on his life and work.

A study co-authored by Matthew England found that the 2011 Queensland floods were made worse by climate change.

Ingrid Scheffer is leading an international clinical trial examining the effects of synthetic cannabis on children with severe epilepsy.

A number of Fellows have responded to the recent Zika virus outbreak, including dengue expert Scott O’Neill and virologist Edward Holmes.

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