Science at the Shine Dome

Dates for 2020: Tuesday 26 May – Thursday 28 May

Science at the Shine Dome is a three-day event in May each year where Australia’s most influential scientists gather at the Shine Dome in Canberra to celebrate science and to honour outstanding achievements in science.

Science at the Shine Dome is an event for researchers from all disciplines and career levels to come together and share knowledge. This includes the admission of new Fellows to the Australian Academy of Science, national awards to honour excellence at all career levels, a networking gala dinner with industry and political representatives, and a high-powered symposium on an issue of national importance. A major focus at Science at the Shine Dome is giving early- and mid-career researchers professional development and the opportunity to engage with senior scientists.

Science at the Shine Dome attracts a national and international audience of over 400 people and boundless networking opportunities with Australian Academy Fellows, chief scientists, Nobel Prize winners, early and mid-career researchers, government representatives, politicians, media, science associated organisations, and the science interested general public. Online, Science at the Shine Dome reaches audiences of over 500,000 people on a range of social media and digital technology platforms to make the event truly global in every sense.

Join us to celebrate the excellence of Australian science!

Day 1 | Tuesday 26 May

Annual Symposium – Science and the Public Good

Science affects every aspect of our lives. Our health, education, transport, environment, food, communications, work and recreation all benefit from scientific discoveries.

Scientific knowledge is a public good: it is generated for the benefit of society and underpins technological and social advancement. Some discoveries are the result of wanting to know more about ourselves and the world, others solve a problem or improve our capacity to live sustainably with our planet.

Join us at the Australian Academy of Science’s annual symposium in May 2020 as we explore the value of science to everyone. At ‘Science and the public good’, Australian and international speakers will help us explore the critical importance of studying mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics, and how this fundamental knowledge is essential to scientific advances.

We will also tackle some big questions, such as where should we focus our efforts and resources? How do we set boundaries for scientific discovery while allowing the freedom to take risks? And how can people have a say in the future of science?

We will update information here as our speakers are confirmed.

New Fellows Admission Ceremony

Our newest Academy Fellows will be formally admitted to the Australian Academy of Science, followed by a cocktail reception. All are invited to join us celebrate the significant achievements of the Academy’s New Fellows.

Day 2 | Wednesday 27 May

New Fellows seminars

Following their Admission on Tuesday evening, each New Fellow will present their work and achievements in the Ian Wark Theatre. All talks are 10 minutes and aimed at a general science audience. This is a unique opportunity to hear from leading scientists from a wide range of disciplines at the one event, in the one room, as well as network extensively.

Annual gala dinner

The gala dinner, to be held at Hotel Realm, is an opportunity to celebrate and network, as well as hear from special guest speakers. The Macfarlane Burnet Medal will also be presented on the night.

Day 3 | Thursday 28 May

Awards presentations

Each year, researchers receive highly sought-after honours for outstanding achievements in their specific fields. These awardees will be presented with their medals and recognised for their work.

EMCR workshops

Four workshops will be available to EMCRs on a range of professional development topics, such as media, presentations skills and more. EMCRs are invited to join us for these workshops to develop important skills relevant to their careers.

Annual general meeting

The AGM is a closed session for Fellows of the Academy. 

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