Annual Giving Program to support science in Australia

The Annual Giving Program for 2016 will enable the Academy to continue its strong support for science in Australia.

Since the Academy was established in 1954, private gifts and bequests have enabled the Academy to recognise and grow Australia’s scientific excellence. The broad benefits include world-class education programs; recognition of outstanding scientists; raising awareness of science; and funding for scientists to pursue knowledge and collaborations in Australia and around the world. The Australian Research Council, Science and Technology Australia, the ABC Science Unit and the Nova science website all got their start with support from the Academy.

The Annual Giving Program, launched in May, is an invitation to join the Academy’s distinguished group of donors and make science a vital, viable and visible presence in Australia.

Thank you to those who have already responded to the Annual Giving Program; the Academy greatly appreciates your support and looks forward to keeping you informed of future achievements.

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