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The International Council for Science (ICSU) is a non-government organisation with a global membership of 48 international scientific unions and interdisciplinary science bodies. These organisations convene scientists within and across the disciplines to coordinate research and address issues of global significance. The Academy is Australia’s adhering body for ICSU and 31 ICSU organisations and meets responsibilities and obligations that arise from the ICSU memberships with the assistance of the National Committees for Science.

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More about the Academy’s formal links with ICSU

Recent Australian elections to ICSU union executive bodies

Professor Merrilyn Goos, University of Queensland, was recently elected Vice President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI).

Proposed ICSU–ISSC merger

ICSU and the International Social Science Council (ISSC) have proposed to merge and will convene an Extraordinary General Assembly to discuss the proposal in Oslo on 24 October. Members of ICSU and of ISSC will be asked to vote whether they agree in principle with the recommendation to merge the two organisations and to appoint a task force that will develop the transition plan in case of agreement by both sides to pursue the merger.

Background documents on the proposed merger are available on ICSU’s website.

2016 General Assemblies

  • International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, Germany, 24–31 July 2016
  • Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Turkey, 30 Jul – 7 Aug 2016
  • International Union of Immunological Societies, Melbourne, 19–22 Aug 2016
  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, Malaysia, 19–31 August 2016
  • International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Canada, 21–26 Aug 2016
  • International Geographical Union, China, 21–25 August 2016
  • International Union of Geological Sciences, South Africa, 27 Aug–4 Sept 2016
  • Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, Poland, 5–7 Sep 2016
  • Committee on Data for Science and Technology, USA, 11–13 Sept 2016
  • International Union of Toxicology, Mexico, 2–6 October 2016

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