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Life on the loose

Life on the loose, Science at the Shine Dome 2017
Find out how Australia is dealing with introduced species at the Science at the Shine Dome symposium next May

Foxes and fire ants, cane toads and Paterson’s curse: Australia is home to a huge range of introduced species. Whether brought in by accident or by design, many plants, animals and diseases are harmful to the environment, to agriculture and to health. How do we monitor them? What do we do to reduce their impact, and is eradication ever possible? And how do we prevent them from coming here in the first place?

At Science at the Shine Dome next May, join international experts to explore how we manage invasion risks; learn the latest science in detecting and controlling introduced species; and hear how the rest of the world is learning from Australia’s giant natural experiment as the climate changes and people continent-hop and trade at an ever increasing rate.

The event will also present the work of Australia's leading scientists: new Fellows of the Academy and recipients of Academy awards.


23 May—New Fellows seminar
24 May—Academy AGM (Fellows only), awards, Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture, early- and mid-career researcher workshops
25 May—Life on the loose: spcecies invasion and control


The Australian Academy of Science, the Shine Dome, Gordon St Acton ACT


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Dawn of the new space age

Dawn of the new space age

In 2017, journey with the Academy into the depths of space—explore the big bang nearly 14 billion years ago; galaxies far, far away; habitable planets and the potential for alien life; and the strange new things which are challenging the laws of physics, simply by existing. Australian researchers are contributing to the global effort to understand space and the result is some amazing science.

This series of talks in Canberra will bring together a collection of the top minds in space research who want to share their discoveries on the exploration for extraterritorial life, the hunt for habitable planets, what planets like Jupiter are really made of, how time works in space, how we are continuing to explore the outer reaches of our planet and how we can clean up space junk using lasers.

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In this fifth and final event in the Academy’s Life + Death series, three amazing experts will describe how they're all trying to cheat death in their own way—through mapping the code of life to bring back extinct species in the future; by suspending life until technologies exist to cure diseases, bring us back to life and allow us to live as immortals; and much more.

Join the Academy on 16 February as we explore IMMORTALITY in Adelaide.

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