Academy-funded conference brings diverse researchers together

February 27, 2019
The 2018 Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference encompassed diverse topics—from astrophysics to volcanoes.

Each year, the Academy funds a research conference thanks to the generous support of the late Lady Elizabeth White MBBS and the late Sir Frederick White FAA FRS.

The 2018 Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference encompassed diverse topics from astrophysics to volcanoes—unified by the theme ‘Frontiers in gas-solid processes from the atomic scale to the parsec’.

Nearly 50 people from Australia, USA, Belgium and Japan attended the conference. The conference comprised 35 oral and poster presentations, laboratory tours and a public lecture delivered by Professor Klaus Lackner, a pioneer in direct capture of carbon dioxide.

The interdisciplinary nature of the conference proved highly beneficial, with many participants planning to embark on new research directions as a result of the meeting. 

The conference was held 5–7 September 2018 at the Australian National University’s Crawford School.

This year’s Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference ‘Linking galaxies: From the epoch of initial star-formation to today’ was held in Sydney, 18–22 February 2019.

More information about the Elizabeth and Frederick White conferences

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