Fellowship makes Great Barrier Reef dream a reality

February 27, 2019
Dr Christina Kellogg presents at UNSW as part of her Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship tour of Australia. Photo by Tracy Ainsworth.

As a coral reef researcher, it had long been on Dr Christina Kellogg’s bucket list to see the Great Barrier Reef. As the recipient of the 2018 Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship, she was able to make that visit a reality as part of her seminar tour of Australia’s east coast.

Dr Kellogg is a research microbiologist with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and an international leader in coral microbial ecology. She has been working in deep-sea coral ecosystems since 2004 and has visited them personally in submersibles.

Dr Kellogg visited five universities in October 2018. In addition, she gave a presentation to the Queensland Government, met with a representative of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and was interviewed to create video content for World of Drones, a STEAM education resource.

Dr Kellogg is pursuing collaborative projects with several researchers she met as a result of the 2018 Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship.

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