Australian Academy of Science Newsletter 146

Australian Academy of Science Newsletter Jan-Feb 2021 Number 146

Anna-Maria Arabia

Message from the Chief Executive

COVID-19 remains a major focus for the Academy as we continue to play our part in providing independent scientific evidence to inform decision making.

Celebrating science

Academy statement on the pandemic, vaccines and misinformation

Australians can be confident that approved vaccines will be safe and effective at reducing the risk of developing severe COVID-19.

Unlabelled glass vials held by a gloved hand

Australian Government urged to invest in updated vaccine manufacturing capability

Australia’s leading scientists have urged the government to develop additional vaccine manufacturing capability within the next 12 months. 

Fellows' favourites: your summer reading and listening recommendations

Statement on Facebook blocking science expertise

Peak science bodies express deep concern about Facebook blocking content from a range of non-news science organisations.

Scientists call on Australian Government to implement Samuel review recommendations

The scientific challenge is known and it is urgent, as deterioration of ecosystems and species extinction is occurring at an unprecedented rate.

Australian coastal communities could reap benefits of blue economy

National consultations have laid the foundations for a 10-Year Strategy on Ocean and Coastal Sustainability.

Nominate now for the Academy’s 2022 awards

Our awards and funding opportunities support and shine a light on researchers who are making outstanding contributions to science.

Academy shines a spotlight on new Australian science with Research Focus video series

Unique digital video content is showcasing the depth and breadth of Australian research.

Fellows recognised in 2021 Australia Day honours

Five Academy Fellows are among the Australians recognised in the 2021 Australia Day Honours List.

Academy Fellow among Australian space researchers honoured at COSPAR 2021

Dr Ken McCracken has received the COSPAR Space Science Award for outstanding contributions to space science.

Support women in science: Become a STEM Women partner

Supporters of diversity and inclusion in science are invited to partner with the Academy to continue and expand STEM Women.

Academy Fellow recognised internationally in celebration of women and girls in science

Professor Martina Stenzel has received the 2021 IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Award.

Max Day Awards support researchers to protect bees and frogs

Dr Laura Brannelly and Ms Lea Hannah have received funding to support their research in frog genetics and pollen DNA sequencing.

Welcoming the new Early- and Mid-Career Researcher Forum Executive

Meet the seven new EMCRs who have joined the EMCR Forum Executive.

Australia’s home of science to shine brighter than ever

We updated this previously published story to include a fascinating timelapse progress video of the dome’s copper roof repair.

Latest edition of Historical Records of Australian Science out now

An article in the latest edition of the Academy’s journal, Historical Records of Australian Science, caught the attention of media due to its unusual author–subject relationship. Find out what else is covered in this edition.

STEM education book a resource for Asian and Pacific nations

Current Practice and Issues for Improvement in STEM Education up to K12 in Asia and the Pacific, a book published by the Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA), has contributions from 10 countries including Australia and aims to be a resource for STEM education in Asia and the Pacific region.

National Committees update

The Academy’s National Committee for Space and Radio Science has been working towards the next strategic plan for the sector, Australia’s Future in Space, with a focus on recommendations for the strategic direction of the space science community and government support.

In early February, the committee hosted a public consultation where the community provided feedback and queries on the draft summary document. The committee is reviewing and updating the plan in line with the feedback with the aim of releasing the full draft for public review by late March.

Subscribe to the Space and Radio Science newsletter to be informed when the full draft is released and for further engagement opportunities.

Opportunities for scientists

Find out about current opportunities for scientists:

  • Academy awards and funding opportunities
  • Science meets Parliament
  • Keio Medical Science Prize
  • Prime Minister's Prizes for Science
  • Order of Australia Honours

Fellows update

Keep abreast of the Academy Fellowship in the Fellows update​:

  • Honours and awards to Fellows
  • Obituary for Professor David Buckingham

Science at the Shine Dome, delivered differently in 2021

The Academy will deliver a dynamic new format in 2021 to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions while engaging new audiences online. Partnership opportunities are now available.

More about 2021 Science at the Shine Dome

Understanding the key changes to the Investigator Grants 2021

2 March

The EMCR Forum and the NHMRC are co-hosting an online information session on the key changes to the Investigator Grants 2021 guidelines for early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs).

More about this event

Stewardship of Country

10 March
24 March

Stewardship of Country presented by the Royal Societies of Australia and Inspiring Victoria and supported by the Academy is a series of webinars aiming to generate discussion of landscape and environmental stewardship bridging Indigenous, scientific, economic and social perspectives with supporting ideas for practical action and public good.

Resilience, regeneration and escaping the iron law of business-as-usual

From Past to Future—Australian Stewardship of Country

Food for Thought: GM Foods

13 April

From enhanced nutrition to pesticide resistance, GM has the potential to transform agriculture. As the world’s population balloons and the impacts of climate change become keenly felt by farmers, we will need tools that help us nourish more people more efficiently. Will GM be one of them?

More about GM Foods

The Honorary editor of the Academy newsletter is Professor Yuri Estrin FAA


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