EMCRs gain skills to build successful careers

July 29, 2019

Stage one of the STEM Transferable Skills Toolkit program, supported through the Theo Murphy Initiative (Australia), delivered four face-to-face workshops at Deakin University and Macquarie University in May and June.

More than 90 early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) had the opportunity to join one or more of the workshops either face-to-face or online.

The workshops covered a variety of skills useful for becoming more effective at prioritising tasks, managing expectations, demonstrating achievement, and inspiring and motivating others.

Delivery of the workshops was made possible thanks to Deakin University and Macquarie University. Additionally, the professional development facilitators Professor Kylie Ball, Professor Shelda Debowski, Dr Shari Walsh and Professor Larry Marlow provided valuable insights for thinking strategically about skills beyond the research context. 

The main goal of the STEM Transferable Skills Toolkit program is to equip future STEM leaders across Australia with the skills needed to forge successful career paths—irrespective of discipline, sector, and profession.

Stage two of the program involves the development of four e-learning modules. This will be undertaken over the coming months and the resulting modules will be freely accessible to all EMCRs in STEM.

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‘Managing expectations’ workshop facilitated by Professor Shelda Debowski at Macquarie University.

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