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In order to have an effective voice, we need to have a strong EMCR Forum membership. 

Membership of the Forum is open to early- and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) actively engaged in STEM research, either as a researcher or in a role that substantially supports the delivery of research and that requires substantial research training and experience.

In principle, an EMCR is someone between 0 and 15 years of graduating from a PhD or equivalent (discounting career interruptions) and includes individuals in Australia’s academia, industry, government, public, commercial and not-for-profit sector positions.

The Forum aims to be accessible and inclusive, so there are circumstances where self-identification as an EMCR can be accepted as criteria for what defines an EMCR. The Executive also recognises and is inclusive of alternative career pathways, individuals from underrepresented intersectional communities (as identified by the EMCR forum, Equality Australia, research institutions, government, and funding bodies) who are considering or embarking on a research career and is open to considering membership of researchers without a higher degree but with equivalent professional experience.

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EMCR Members receive a number of exciting benefits:

  • Members are able to attend the Australian Academy of Science EMCR Forum conference, Science Pathways, which is held every 18 months.
  • Members will receive our EMCR Pathways newsletter as well as our email update and other Academy news and events.
  • Members will also be able to contribute to or advertise events in the newsletter and email updates.
  • Members are eligible to apply for travel awards to attend Science Pathways and Science at the Shine Dome.
  • Have your say! Members can participate in regular consultations that the EMCR Forum makes to the Australian Government and other organisations in the sector to ensure that we realise the brightest future for EMCRs.
  • Members may also be eligible for support in hosting local EMCR events.

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